Hi, I’m Emma.

My personal story: I used to be a stressed, tired, busy, working mum, doing the JUGGLE. You know, where you jam a million things into your day, and there is no time to relax. Or if you do find those precious moments, you feel too guilty to enjoy it! That was me until I reached burnout. The wheels fell off and my life fell apart (anxiety, exhaustion, illness, divorce, and other painful stuff). 

That’s when I discovered meditation and other beautiful practices which transformed my life. I immersed myself in yoga and mindfulness, and had the profound privilege of meditating with the Gyuto monks of Tibet. (And I learnt some cool ‘sciencey’ stuff. Did you know there are simple practices that can significantly reduce stress hormones within a few minutes?). I found a place of deep peace and beautiful joy. I don’t feel that all the time, obviously, I’m still human. I have wobbles. Just ask my partner! But mostly life is pretty good.

I have discovered that life doesn’t have to be effort and struggle. Life can unfold with ease and flow. Life can be fun. It can be a joyful, magical, awe-inspiring adventure. I wish that for you! My highest intention is to support women. We all deserve a life we LOVE. A life of peace, joy and grace – even in the messy moments!


The official blurb: Emma Gray is an international bestselling author, coach, speaker, meditation teacher and Clinical Psychologist.  She is a leading expert in mindfulness and women’s wellbeing. Emma works with heart-led leaders and entrepreneurs, mums, coaches, authors, CEOs, and changemakers who are passionate about creating meaningful impact. Recognising that every soul has a Calling, Emma revels in helping her clients restore balance and discover their innate strengths, abilities and sense of purpose. With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Emma blends her understanding of modern neuroscience with traditional Eastern approaches to mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing. She has a warm, compassionate approach, gently guiding her clients to tune in to their own Inner Wisdom. 

My soul’s purpose is simple. To help women find their own natural joy and sense of purpose, to thrive, and live their true calling.

I would love to support you when you are ready. 

Much love,

Emma is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Association of Psychologists. She has trained in Evidence-Based EFT (EBEFT) from Dr Peta Stapleton.