Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or unfulfilled? Do you wish you had more time to do the things you loved, but have too much to juggle? Are you seeking more meaning and purpose but don’t know where to start? Not sure how to get unstuck?

Create more time and energy for the things you love. 

Feel more fulfilled and energised in work and life.

Discover your true soul purpose, utilising strategies to tune into your Inner Wisdom and live the life your Soul is calling you towards

Emma supports and empowers women to make transformational change and do more of what they love. To live with ease and flow. 

  • Discover your soul-driven purpose
  • Unlock your unique superpower to ignite your business 
  • Unleash your passion and transform it into a meaningful career
  • Create more time and energy for the things that are most important to you
  • Restore balance and vitality
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm, and cultivate more calm and joy

Are you ready to feel fully alive? To live your life on purpose? 

Our bespoke mindfulness-based coaching and leadership programs are designed to reduce stress and optimise well-being. Informed by the latest neuroscience and traditional holistic approaches to mind, body, and spiritual wellness, to boost vitality, joy and fulfillment.

How I can support you…

 Book a no-obligation, free 30min Discovery Call with Emma to find out how we can work together. This isn’t a “salesy” high pressure call, just a relaxed chat to see if I can help you :- ) 

Let me support you in reducing stress, restoring balance and vitality, and discovering what lights you up. Do more of what you love and live with more ease and flow. 

Feedback about Emma…

Emma’s coaching has been life changing! She has helped me create a more balanced, enjoyable and fulfilled life. I was burnt out from running my own business and overworking. I was always rushing to get everything done. I was running on empty and had lost all motivation. Learning the skills Emma has taught me has made me see that I can actually be happy with my life and still have a fully functioning business, and on top of that it actually runs much better!! My stress levels have reduced dramatically and I am actually enjoying my work again! I realized that all the stress and burnout actually had no benefit to me or anyone around me. 

Thanks so much Emma, thank god for you! I can’t imagine where I would be now if it wasn’t for you. Xxx” 

Juliet L., Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“Emma lights up a room. She is one of the most ‘congruent’ women I have met. She EMBODIES everything she shares. Meditation. Coaching. Leadership. Emma lives her purpose and will help you (find and) live yours too. I cannot highlight, underscore, bold, or italicise enough just how much better you will feel in her presence alone. This lady has joy in spades.

Kirstin Bouse, Yoga Teacher and Psychologist

“I wanted to learn to better regulate my emotions so that I can live from a place of ease and calm. Emma is living and breathing this, and I wanted to know what she knows. We worked on skills to get back to calm when I feel overwhelmed. Emma has a wealth of knowledge. She gently guided me through the tools that would help, while also engaging in powerful, life-changing conversations that were so healing. The outcome has been that I feel calm and ease in my life. I have the tools, I can self-regulate efficiently, I feel less alone in my struggle, and more certain that I can live a calm life.

Liana Harris, Coach and Psychologist

“That was probably one of the most powerful shifts I’ve had in meditation, just incredible! I realised some very deep subconscious beliefs that had really been holding me back a lot! I have revisited my realisations and insights many times which is really helping to keep moving forward. Thank you so much.”

Amelia Crettenden, Psychologist and Coach

“Being part of Emma’s group was truly a special, heart opening, safe space to connect with like minded souls engaging in personal growth towards Self Mastery.

I highly regard Emma for leading this group with wisdom & soul. Thank you Emma.”

Catherine Banu, Coach

Disclaimer: Emma Gray provides coaching services only, and does not offer psychological therapy. If you are experiencing mental health difficulties, please consult your medical or mental health professional, or contact your local hospital or crisis centre.