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Inner Alchemy mastermind program for women

It is possible to be, do and have the things you most want in life – job, relationships, experiences. It is possible to live with more peace, joy and abundance.

Did you know that the #1 belief holding women back from what they want is “I’m not good enough.” ...Not good enough at my job, not a good enough mum, daughter, sister, partner etc. [insert your self critical story here!]

The “I’m not good enough” story stops us from stepping into the lives we want (in our personal and professional lives). It even stops us from just giving ourselves permission to relax and have some time out. There can be relentless pressure to do more, more, more. To jam more into the day and tackle the never ending ‘to-do’ list.

What if things could be different? What if you could live with more ease and flow? Give yourself permission to relax and do more of what you enjoy? To gain the confidence to step into the work you want to do? To have more time and energy for the things you love. To have fun in life!

Our Inner Alchemy program helps shift the beliefs and behaviour patterns holding you back from the things you want. It teaches practical strategies to reduce stress, cultivate more time and energy, and step into the things you most want in work and life. Learn the tools that I have used to bring me deep satisfaction and joy. The approaches I used to have helped me:

  • become an international bestselling author
  • have beautiful, kind, loving relationships
  • create a job that lifts my heart and fills my soul every day
  • find a home that feels like a sanctuary for me to deeply relax and replenish

My life isn’t perfect, and I’m not perfect (just ask my family!), and it takes conscious effort to do the inner work. But if you are ready, I would love to teach you the strategies that have transformed my life and brought me so much joy.

This program is for you if you resonate with any of the following:

  • you feel overwhelmed, tired or stressed about the juggle of life
  • you want more time and energy for the things you enjoy
  • perhaps you want to help others, to contribute to something but don’t know where to start
  • maybe you are ready to take your business to the next level
  • may you just want a little more peace and calm in your life

This program is not for you if:

  • you don’t feel ready to do the inner work
  • you aren’t interested in mindfulness and meditation
  • you are not open to a Higher Intelligence (whatever you want to call that…Higher Self, Intuition, Soul, Source, the Universe)

It is possible to have a life which unfolds with ease and flow, with less effort and stress. Which balances your needs, nourishes your soul, and allows space for all the things that are important to you. I love supporting heart-led women to find their authentic voice and step into their highest potential. I want to help you live your dream life. A life that fills you soul with the deepest joy. 

6 month Mastermind coaching program 

  • Discover the two powerful modes of being to restore vitality and joy, and spark creativity and inspiration, so you can live a life you love.
  • Learn EFT tapping for Goal Success – break through the barriers holding you back
  • Identify the things that are depleting energy to reduce stress and prevent burnout
  • Learn simple strategies to replenish and restore balance 
  • Increase time abundance so you have more time for you!
  • Tune into your Inner Wisdom for greater clarity, creativity, and productivity
  • Connect with like-minded women who are passionate about contributing and making a difference

If there is a little voice inside you that resonates with the possibility that things can be different, then please reach out. I would love to support you on your journey.  Listen to that voice. Take that first small step. It is so much fun on the other side!

Much love

Emma x

“Joining the program has 100 fold impacted my business. I have a steady sense of calm in my work, I’m not so scattered, I have a sense of direction and purpose. I feel my passion increasing, which increases my energy and flow. 

Before doing the course I had a sense of urgency and overwhelm due to lack of time. Through the tools I’ve embodied in the course, I’m more aware of that beautiful state of open intuitive awareness in a calm body. My whole body has exhaled, my family life has exhaled, my way of approaching business has exhaled. 

Natasha Laving, Coach and Mum


“That was probably one of the most powerful shifts I’ve had in meditation, just incredible! I realised some very deep subconscious beliefs that had really been holding me back a lot! I have revisited my realisations and insights many times which is really helping to keep moving forward. Thank you so much.”

Amelia Crettenden, Psychologist and Coach


“What Emma has here is fresh and absolutely what is needed for women to sense into this new era and evolve their leadership.”

Tracy Driscoll, Leadership consultant & entrepreneur