Meditation is becoming more and more popular, with science proving the many benefits of meditation, including better mental, emotional and physical well-being – something that ancient cultures have known for centuries. Regular meditators report reduced stress, improved mood, better focus, more energy and creativity, and better general well-being.

Meditation benefits

Reduce stress

Meditation reduces sympathetic arousal, taking the body into deep physiological rest, reducing stress.

Boost focus & concentration

Research shows meditation improves focus, attention, concentration and working memory.

Boost mood

Meditation and mindfulness has been shown to boost mood, life satisfaction, and feelings of joy.

Better health

Meditation has a positive impact on physical health, including boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, and improving general well-being.

Emotional balance

Regular mindfulness practice builds emotional resilience, reducing distress and cultivating equilibrium.

Relationship satisfaction

Mindfulness improves the ability to respond better to relationship stress and enhance interpersonal communication.

The Meditation Circle

Join our beautiful group of soulful women in live meditation sessions. It is a gentle, nurturing space for soulful nourishment, wellbeing and connection De-stress and tune in to Inner Wisdom, intuition and inspiration.



“Emma’s guided meditations offered a safe, tranquil space to escape. I began to open my mind to new forms of meditation that I hadn’t tried before. It feels like a warm hug welcoming you home. 

Georgia Nelson, Wellbeing Magazine



“Being part of Emma’s group was truly a special, heart opening, safe space to connect with like minded souls engaging in personal growth towards Self Mastery.

I highly regard Emma for leading this group with wisdom & soul and thoroughly enjoyed her weekly meditations that lead to our own unique Self Discovery. Thank you Emma.”

Catherine Banu, Coach