CPD Course: Mindfulness & Meditation for Stress & Burnout​




CPD Course: Mindfulness & Meditation for Stress & Burnout​

Research indicates that up to 80% of healthcare workers may experience burn out due to the demands of their work. Risk is especially high during the pandemic. Common symptoms of burnout include:

  • Feeling tired, drained, or exhausted
  • Procrastination, reduced motivation, and taking longer to get things done
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Increased worry, anxiety or self doubt
  • Having a cynical or negative outlook, or feeling resentful or detached
  • Insomnia

This 4 week course has been especially designed to support mental health professionals during these times of unprecedented stress. The course includes practical mindfulness and meditation techniques which can help calm the nervous system, manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and enhance self-care.

About the Facilitator: Emma Gray is a Clinical Psychologist and Meditation Teacher. She has been practicing & teaching mindfulness for 10+ years, working in private practice & hospital settings, including Northside Clinic, where she has facilitated training programs for staff and clients, and developed mindfulness & meditation programs for outpatients. Emma blends her understanding of modern neuroscience with holistic well-being.