Private 1:1 Coaching Packages

Single session AUD$295

1 x 1 hour individual session  



3 month program $1,380

Fortnightly 1:1 sessions with Emma

between session support via Whatsapp 

BONUS Access to our private Facebook community with free manifestation & mindfulness resources

3 month VIP upgrade $2,197

Fortnightly 1:1 sessions with Emma

between session support via Whatsapp 

VIP access to our Manifestation Mastermind program

BONUS Access to our private Facebook community with free manifestation and mindfulness resources

Emma supports women to:

  • reduce stress and overwhelm
  • learn simple tools to calm the nervous system and feel more ease
  • restore energy, vitality and balance
  • set boundaries to create more time and space in your life. It doesn’t have to be a rush and a juggle!
  • tune into intuition and Soul Purpose to live with more fulfillment

Emma has worked with thousands of women to help them find more balance and live a life they love. As a leading expert in Mindfulness, she understands the latest nerdy neuroscience, but also uses a holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual wellbeing. Emma has a calm, gentle, nurturing approach, and can show you practical strategies to help you feel calmer and happier

If your intuition is saying YES, please reach out. I would love to help you.

Much love, Emma x

“Emma, you are an absolute ray of sunshine. You always find a wonderfully constructive way to approach anything. I feel a lot calmer, strengthening my boundaries to make a more sustainable work life. Your genuineness, your commitment to your purpose, your respectfulness, empathetic nature and vast repository of tools for positive mindset is phenomenal.”  

Juliet Payne, Director, JMP Procure, Procurement and probity consultant and mindset mentor. 

“Before working with Emma, I had a sense of urgency and overwhelm due to lack of time. Now I’m more aware of that beautiful state of open intuitive awareness in a calm body. I’m not so scattered, I have a sense of direction and purpose. I feel my passion increasing, which increases my energy and flow. The impact on my business has been 100 fold. My whole body has exhaled, my family life has exhaled, my way of approaching business has exhaled.” 

Natasha Laving, Coach and Mum


“Emma, you are able to hold space for me to find the right words to express myself.  I always feel safe, heard and understood. I find the commitment to weekly sessions really works for me. Being accountable each week is a great help. You offer a safe space for vulnerability and intimacy to be expressed, and for profound healing to occur. Thank you Emma!”

Jade Sherrell, Coach, Massage Therapist, Mum


“I wanted to learn to better regulate my emotions so that I can live from a place of ease and calm. Emma is living and breathing this, and I wanted to know what she knows. We worked on building my skills in being able to feel calm more often. Emma has a wealth of knowledge. She gently guided me through the tools that would help, while also engaging in powerful, life-changing, conversations that were so healing. The outcome has been that I feel calm and ease in my life. I have tools, I can self-regulate efficiently, I feel less alone in my struggle, and more certain that I can live a calm life.”

Liana Harris, Women’s Wellbeing Coach & Psychologist

“I realised some deep subconscious beliefs that had really been holding me back a lot! I’ve revisited my realisations and insights many times which is really helping to keep moving forward. Thank you so much.”

Amelia Crettenden, Psychologist and Coach