Professional Development

We provide Professional Development workshops and training events for therapists, coaches, and other mental health practitioners.

8 week experiential course with gentle mindful movement and other mindfulness skills to help calm the nervous system, boost vitality and improve focus and wellbeing. Suitable for therapists and coaches for their own self-care, and to teach these simple tools to their clients to help with emotion regulation. 

Learn EFT tapping skills to shift thoughts and emotions for yourself or your clients. Research shows that tapping can reduce cortisol levels by up to 43%. Learn the simple EFT protocol to help your clients manage emotional distress, shift unhelpful cognitions, reduce stress, and move towards their goals. 

We also provide a range of other CPD workshops and training events

Our Mindfulness and Meditation Training includes:

  • Evidence-based science and benefits of meditation and mindfulness
  • Experiential practice of mindfulness activities and meditation techniques, and how to teach these to clients
  • Tips for establishing a regular meditation practice
  • Overcoming barriers to meditation
  • Working with challenging client presentations, including trauma, dissociation, emotion dysregulation, and panic
  • Resources for practitioners and clients

For further information on our training and workshops, please contact us.