Helping heart-led women boost their wellbeing

and unlock their highest potential


Do you have a big passion to help others, but feel stressed, tired or stuck? Is it hard to relax or spend time with loved ones and still follow your Calling? 

Have more time to do what you love.

Feel more fulfilled and energised.

Unlock your true purpose and live your Soul-driven passions. 

I’m passionate about supporting women, to help you restore energy and balance, and live with more meaning and purpose. As a working mum, I understand the juggle and all the demands. We teach strategies to create more time and energy for the things that are important to you (family, relationships, work that you love, or just time to relax!). 

Our mentoring programs for therapists, coaches and heart-led professionals help ignite your Soul purpose and live with more balance. Reduce stress, optimise wellbeing, and manifest your goals with more ease and less struggle. Informed by the latest neuroscience and holistic approaches to mind, body and spiritual wellness to boost vitality, joy and fulfillment. Do the work you love and make a greater impact in the world and still have time to chill out! 

How I can support you…

Manifesting Joy: 

The Science of Manifesting course

Manifest your goals with less struggle and more ease

Our Manifesting Joy program is for therapists, coaches and soulful professionals who want to live their soul-driven desires. Learn the neuroscience of manifesting so you know where you are creating blocks and how to release themPowerful tools to shift beliefs, connect with your intuition and unleash your Highest potential. 

“Working with Emma has been life changing! She has helped me create a more balanced and fulfilled life. I can actually be happy with my life and still have a fully functioning business, and on top of that it actually runs much better! My stress levels have reduced dramatically and I am enjoying my work again.”

Juliet L., Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Inspired Living: The bestselling book

Emma Gray is the author of the international bestseller Inspired Living: A Guide to Ignite Joy and Prosperity. Co-authored with Dr Larry Farwell, a Harvard trained neuroscientist, featured in Time Magazine’s Top 100 Innovators of the Century.

All launch proceeds to RIZE UP, supporting victims of domestic violence.

 Feedback about Emma…

“Emma’s guided meditations offered a safe tranquil place to escape…to open the mind. It feels like a warm hug welcoming you home.” Georgia Nelson, Wellbeing Magazine

Joining the program has 100 fold impacted my business. I have a sense of calm in my work, a sense of direction & purpose. It increases my creativity & ability to problem solve. I feel my passion increasing, which increases my energy & flow. My whole body has exhaled, my family life has exhaled, my way of approaching business has exhaled.”

Natasha Laving, Coach


“That was probably one of the most powerful shifts I’ve had in meditation, just incredible! I realised some very deep subconscious beliefs that had really been holding me back a lot! I have revisited my realisations and insights from the meditation many times which is really helping to keep moving forward. Thank you so much.”

Amelia Crettenden, Psychologist & Coach

Tune into the podcasts…

Using Intuition to Supercharge your Business Success
I’ve just listened to the podcast on intuition and found it both restorative and inspirational. It left me laughing out loud.” 


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Disclaimer: Emma Gray provides coaching and meditation services only, and does not offer psychological therapy. If you are experiencing mental health difficulties, please consult your medical or mental health professional, or contact your local hospital or crisis centre.