Emma works with Conscious Leaders and Changemakers who are passionate about contributing and making a difference. Tune into your Inner Wisdom to unlock your Highest Potential and follow your Calling to make a bigger impact. 

We specialise in leadership and holistic well-being coaching programs for private and corporate clientele. We provide training in meditation, mindfulness, and self-care strategies to reduce stress and burnout, and optimise performance and well-being. Our programs are informed by the latest neuroscience and traditional holistic approaches to mind, body, and spiritual wellness, to boost vitality, joy and fulfillment. 

Emma Gray is the author of the international bestseller Inspired Living: A Guide to Ignite Joy and Prosperity. Co-authored with Dr Larry Farwell, a Harvard trained neuroscientist, featured in Time Magazine’s Top 100 Innovators of the Century.

To celebrate the launch of the book, we are offering a BONUS gift with purchase – a complimentary 30min VIP laser coaching session with Emma. Available for a limited time only.

All launch proceeds go to RIZE UP, a charity supporting victims of domestic violence.

“Emma’s guided meditations offered a safe tranquil place to escape…to open the mind…it feels like a warm hug welcoming you home.” Georgia Nelson, Wellbeing Magazine


Joining the program has 100 fold impacted my business. I have a sense of calm in my work, a sense of direction & purpose. I trust that rest increases my creativity & ability to problem solve. I feel my passion increasing, which increases my energy & flow. My whole body has exhaled, my family life has exhaled, my way of approaching business has exhaled.”

Natasha Laving, Coach


“Being part of Emma’s Meditation Group was truly a special, heart opening, safe space to connect with like minded souls engaging in personal growth towards Self Mastery… I highly regard Emma for leading this group with wisdom & soul, and thoroughly enjoyed her weekly meditations that lead to our own unique Self discovery.”

Catherine Banu, Coach


“Emma is a knowledgeable and engaging coach! Following her course I felt more confident in my ability to manage stress and overwhelm and greater capacity to be present. I believe that Emma’s course will help me to notice and prevent burnout in the future. I would highly recommend her course!”

Vanessa Bailey, Clinical Psychologist

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Disclaimer: Emma Gray provides coaching services only, and does not offer psychological therapy. If you are experiencing mental health difficulties, please consult your medical or mental health professional, or contact your local hospital or crisis centre.