Join our beautiful group of soulful women in live meditation sessions. It is a gentle, nurturing space for soulful nourishment and well-being De-stress and tune in to Inner Wisdom, intuition and inspiration.

“Emma’s guided meditations offered a safe, tranquil space to escape. I began to open my mind to new forms of meditation that I hadn’t tried before. It feels like a warm hug welcoming you home.”

Georgia Nelson, Wellbeing Magazine

“Being part of Emma’s Women’s Wisdom meditation group was truly a special, heart opening, safe space to connect with like minded souls engaging in personal growth towards Self Mastery. I highly regard Emma for leading this group with wisdom & soul. Thank you Emma.”

Catherine Banu, Coach

“I want to thank you so much for providing an amazingly beautiful space to join with others. Every week seemed to get better and better. The whole experience exceeded my expectations – I experienced so much joy, presence, attunement and expansion. It was very professional and respectful. 

Nyleve Semken, Psychologist

“I find you, Emma, are able to hold space for me to find the right words to express myself. Thank you! I always feel safe, heard and understood. Through gentle mindful meditative practice, and the introduction of the emotional topics we face in our messy human lives, Emma offers a safe space for vulnerability to be expressed, and for profound healing to occur. Thank you Emma!” 

Jade Sherrell, Coach, Astrologer, Massage Therapist